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About the ‘Shared Taste‘ project at Leiden University

HollanderIn September 2013, Anne Gerritsen took up the Kikkoman chair, a position generously funded by the Kikkoman Foundation and the Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst. The full title of the position is Kikkoman Chair in Asia-Europe intercultural dynamics, with special attention to material culture, art and human development.

For the duration of this externally funded chair (2013-2018), Anne Gerritsen will direct a research project entitled ‘Shared Taste’, which aims to develop research-based activities related to the rich history of Asia-Europe exchange, especially in the fields of food and material culture.

The header of ‘Shared Taste’ is adapted from a Nagasaki woodblock print attributed to Rin Shihei, dated 1790-1810. It depicts a group of Dutchmen or “HOLLANDER” sharing a meal on the island of Deshima. Servants from Java are bringing plates of food and pouring sake. Collection Rijksmuseum, object no. NG-1978-110.

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